Hello 2020! What we’re looking forward this year!

2019 was a big year for the Downtown Greensburg Project. We grew a lot, accomplished some awesome things, worked with amazing creatives, organizations, businesses and people and finally opened our first office. 2019 was also really hard, we made a ton of mistakes, lost our mom unexpectedly during Greensburg Craft Beer Week and learned a lot of what not do to. But we’re excited for 2020 and what the year will bring, we have a ton planned (as usual) and hope to accomplish our goals and grow.

What we have planned and are working on in 2020

We always have ideas and things we want to do each year (doesn’t everyone) and sometimes we just run out of time to make them a reality. Well in 2020 we have planned a lot and it’s going to be a crazy year! So here’s some things we have in the works.

Community Clean Up 2020

When we lived in downtown Greensburg for a few years we lived across the street from the parklet on South Pennsylvania Avenue. For years we’ve loved that little park and wanted to see it refreshed and usable! So last Spring we had a group of wonderful volunteers who donated their time, money and supplies to freshen up the space. Not only that but the Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department Junior Program raised money for new benches and Little Free Pantries for the park. We’ll be doing it again as well as adding a city cleanup so it’s ready for the summer so keep a lookout for info!

Greensburg Night Markets are back!

Last year we launched the Greensburg Night Market which consisted of 8 markets from May – October plus our bonus mini markets during the Music Fest and Luminary Night. It was a big learning experience for us but we met a ton of amazing vendors and had a great time putting them on! For 2020 they are back and (hopefully) bigger! Our focus for the night markets are local makers, growers and artisans that bring fun and excited products to our market guests. We will be hosting 5 markets from May-September on South Pennsylvania Avenue behind the courthouse by shutting down the block for traffic and will setting up 30+ vendors. The Greensburg Night Market application process will be opening soon, any interested vendors can sign up for the Vendor Email List to get the information first.

The Downtown Greensburg Project turns 5!

It’s crazy to think that we’ve been doing this project for 5 years this summer! We’ve done a lot and met a ton of people along the way and we can’t wait to celebrate this summer! We may throw an event, we may just eat some cake and champagne. We’ll see!

Food trucks, live music and giving back again this summer!

Last summer we partnered up with Hugo’s Taproom to throw some food truck Sunday events while supporting local charities. Sundays on Pittsburgh Street will be back again this summer from June-August! These Sunday Funday events are just a way to hang out on a Sunday, we set up food trucks, an outdoor bar, yard games and a band and invite a local charity to set up! We are currently working on dates and lots of other fun stuff to revamp this Sunday Funday event!

Little Free Pantry support

Last summer the GFVD raised money and installed 3 sets of Little Free Pantries in Greensburg, located in the S PA Ave Parklet, Lynch Field and St. Clair Park. We try to support the pantries as much as possible and will be doing the same this year. We have a need for these pantries in our area and we have an Amazon Wish List for people to purchase items to donate that will be shipped directly to our office so we can distribute the items to the pantries. Of course members of the community can purchase items themselves and drop them in any of the pantries as well, we created the Wish List for those who are unable to drop items off. We’re hoping to have the community support our mission in helping to keep the pantries full.

Yoga Under the Stars will be back!

We love utilizing unique locations for events and that’s where our Yoga Under the Stars classes come in. This will be the 3rd summer that we will be holding yoga classes on top of the Robert Bell Parking Garage in downtown Greensburg. These hour long classes are good for people of any level to participate in and are hosting right as the sun in setting. Dates are still being finalized for 2020 but will be held from May-September.

City of Greensburg Rebranding

As some of you may know, the Downtown Greensburg Project is not owned or run by the City of Greensburg and we’re not paid by the City do run the DGP site or social media, it’s a private project that is self funded or events partially funded by sponsors. We do work with the City a lot on different projects and events that we produce. In 2020, we (actually our parent company) will be working with the City of Greensburg to rebrand and better help the City communicate and market to the local community and beyond. This basically means we’re holding focus groups and being a part of the new logo/marketing process. What does this mean for DGP? Nothing. We will still be doing what we do now, still promoting, hosting events and asking what you think or feel about everything. We still and never will be, owned or run by the City. We’re looking for the input of the community to help! Please fill out our survey. If you’d like to be a part of the branding focus groups being held in January, please email us hello@downtowngreensburgpa.us.

4 years of Greensburg Craft Beer Week! September 18-26, 2020

Year 4! It feels like we just started GBGCBW. Last year, craft beer week was a whirlwind for us, we missed a lot due to our family emergency but had some amazing support and help from our breweries, bars, restaurants, volunteers and friends so we know everyone had a great time! For 2020, we have some big plans! With the growth of breweries and interest of craft beer in our area, we’re able to work with a lot of different people and create exciting new events. We are in very beginning planning stages of Greensburg Craft Beer Week for 2020 and we can’t wait to get things together! Home Brew + Chill our signature event for the week will be back plus some new surprises! Give the event a like on Facebook and a follow on Instagram.

New businesses and development

2019 was a great year for Greensburg. There was a resurgence of redevelopment and businesses opening and we foresee that continuing. There’s been a few recent buildings sold or announcements made about businesses coming in in the last couple of months. With the City changing some things in the planning department, adding a new small business grant and looking to having a communication/marketing plan, we’re excited for what 2020 will hold. We also know of a few other exciting projects coming up that we can’t talk about yet but will be posting about them as soon as we are able to!

Networking and office events!

We FINALLY have our own space after 4 years of working out of coffee shops and our friend’s businesses. We’re taking advantage and will be hosting focus groups, networking nights and some other fun things in our office on South Pennsylvania Avenue. We will soon be releasing an article with all the good and bad about our process of finding a space, renovation, permitting and working with the City to get into our first office.

The 51st Annual Luminary Night in 2020

We took over the production of Luminary Night in 2018 and expanding the activities and evening in 2019. It’s a wonderful night in Greensburg for the community to come out, enjoy the season, shop and have a great time with their friends and family. We have some really exciting ideas for 2020 and plan to make Luminary Night the event of the season in our area.

Revamped DGP website and business directory

One of our goals for 2019 was to launch a business directory in Greensburg. Well we didn’t launch it, it’s just about ready so we’ll be putting that up on the website soon! You’ll be able to find businesses on a map as well as by category plus information about that business. That’s not the only change to our website coming. We’ll be doing a major redesign in the coming months to better communicate with the community!

New events and more!

We have some other exciting events brewing (no pun intended) but aren’t ready to announce yet! Our focus this year for our events is to be creative and bring something new to the community. We strive to not put on anything that is average and work hard to make sure everyone has a great time! Any events you’d like to see in Greensburg this year? Let us know in the comments!

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  • John

    I appreciate what it is you’ve been doing. Keep up the great work.

  • Gary Pratt

    You are all doing a fantastic job…..so many new and exciting events…I am interested in everything that happens…I am interested in getting my business, Le Jardin Florals, more involved, however, time is always a problem. I am also a singer and would be interested in performing at any of the functions. Websites: http://www.lejardinfloralshomedecor.com or http://www.garyprattmusic.com

  • Jenifer Amundson

    Well done! We truly appreciate all your time and efforts! Let’s continue to promote ALL the businesses in downtown Greensburg! We all are working hard to build our busineses and Greensburg! Spa 309 will continue to be a supportive addition to our community.

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