City of Greensburg to Offer Small Business Grants

The City of Greensburg is looking to strengthen the current business base and stimulate growth by providing incentives to qualifying new and expanding businesses with their new Business Soft Cost Grant Program.

The program will provide grants to qualified and approved property owners and/or business owners/operators for costs including but not limited to: Architectural Fees; Survey/Soil Scientist Fees; Engineering Fees; Legal Fees (specific to planning and zoning issues related to the business); Design Fees; and Consultant. This program is a reimbursement grant program, designed to help fund soft costs only. Building renovation the purchase of property or equipment, etc. will not be considered for the grant.

“I’m ecstatic,” said Greg Mertz, Greensburg City Councilman. “The Business Development Grant is a result of Council and City Officials listening to small business owners and property owners throughout the City. We are looking to incentivize the right partners to fill vacant properties in our Downtown corridor and Gateway district. We look forward to issuing the first grant soon.”

The Business Soft Cost Grant Program will be funded from code violations fees and money that was put aside previously for downtown development from a bond.

The new program was approved at the November 13, 2018 City’s Council meeting.

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  • Debby Gretz

    I am curious as to where the Gateway district is

  • Lorraine makosky

    Hi I’m a small business owner about a mile from downtown. I just reopened a tanning salon that’s served the area for 26 years. I would love to know more information about this grant program. Legal fees are just the start of how expensive a small business is. In my shop we support all locals and only carry local merchandise. Small shops thrive from the support of our community. The harder part is advertisement. I would love your help.

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