The White Rabbit Picks Up Where They Left Off After Renovation

Photo: Savvy Shots Photography

One of Downtown Greensburg’s favorite and busiest businesses is back open after renovations. March 1 was a big day for The White Rabbit Cafe and Patisserie as it capped off their first renovation after being in business for over 4 years on North Main Street.

The owners of The White Rabbit spent a better part of the year planning out their renovation to avoid any delays in reopening, from making sure all the necessary materials were available and all of the contractors’ schedules were cleared before construction began. They only dealt with a couple things they hadn’t accounted for and their contractor Vince Building Company buckled down and was able to adapt to them and get the renovation completed on time.

Brand new floors, a fresh coat of paint, redesigned bathrooms and a reworking of the front pastry cases and counters rounded out their just over 3 week renovation. A new arrangement of the lounge areas and tables brings a fresh look, still keeping their slight Alice in Wonderland whimsical vibe but staying very classic and even more cozy than before.

Photo: Savvy Shots Photography

“I think we still maintain that classic, very slightly Neo-Victorian, with a healthy dose of whimsy feel. Essentially our goal is a place that just feels right to hang out in. And that, in a weird way, extends to the bathrooms,” said Tommy Medley, owner of The White Rabbit. “There was always a disconnect here. The back hall and bathrooms were just kind of ‘meh,’ whereas the rest of the space was really well manicured and maintained. Now the bathrooms are exceptionally nice and easy to keep clean.”

Not only did White Rabbit update the interior, but also a slight update to their menu. Everyone’s old favorites are still there, so no will be disappointed but they’ve added several smaller drinks that reflect a more international approach to coffee.

New Additions:

  • Cortado – A Spanish drink consisting of espresso and lightly textured steamed milk, served in a rocks glass
  • Cubano – A Cuban drink consisting of a double espresso whipped with demerara sugar
  • Affagato – An Italian drink consisting of a double espresso pulled over a scoop of vanilla gelato
  • Con Panna – An Italian drink consisting of espresso topped with house made whipped cream
  • Shakerato – An Italian drink consisting of espresso and simple syrup, shaken with ice until its frothy
  • Flat White –  An Australian drink consisting of espresso and microfoamed milk. It has a really silky, velvety texture to it

“Our folks love trying new things, especially when the older options are still there,” said Medley. “I think there would have been some hesitancy if we had replaced rather than supplemented the menu.”

Photo: Savvy Shots Photography

Last year was the first we saw The White Rabbit bringing in different artists to perform in their space and they will be keeping with that after the reno. This Saturday, March 10 at 7:00pm they will host Essential Machine and Some Kind of Animal, who they previously had perform last year.

“I’m particularly excited about this one, because SKOA is going to South by Southwest soon, which is a huge opportunity for independent musicians to get widespread local recognition,” said Medley.

From students, to business meetings, to family and friends sitting down for a cup of coffee and a pastry, The White Rabbit has quickly filled it’s tables again and will continue to do so. Their unique style, delicious coffee and treats, branding and recognition have easily made and kept them a Greensburg community favorite.


And yes, they kept the golden hippo in the men’s room.


Photos: Savvy Shots Photography

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