Welcome to the Downtown Greensburg PA Website!

After moving to Downtown Greensburg PA a few years ago, we found it difficult to find information about the different shops, events and other small businesses in the area. Our group wanted to create a unique solution to solving this problem, generating the idea for downtowngreensburgpa.us

This site is the brainchild of a few young professionals in our area looking for a new project and another way to give back to the community. We see potential in Greensburg, Pa. to grow, and want to create more opportunities for businesses and services to flourish in downtown. Help us by supporting and shopping at the small businesses throughout Downtown Greensburg PA.

As that this site grows over time and it will become a hub of information for Greensburg locals, students and tourists. For our mission to succeed, we need your help!

Here you will find listings of shops, places to eat and drink, establishments with entertainment and businesses that provide important services. Please submit local businesses that are not yet listed, submit events that are coming up in the area and to email us any local news that you know of! Everything goes through an approval process (us reading it over and formatting it) before it gets posted. If you see a mistake on a business or event listing, please head over to the contact page and let us know.

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  • Tom Tallerico

    Greensburg social sports is a club for people to play bocce and fricket during the summer. Plus meet at a local bar after.


    • admin

      Thanks Tom! We will soon be adding an Organizations page so when it’s ready, make sure to fill out the form so we have all the correct information!

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