We Used DoorDash to Grab Lunch in Greensburg

So one of our gripes in Greensburg isn’t parking, really it isn’t at all. It’s having to pick up lunch at places that don’t deliver. (we know, first world problems.) But still when we’re busy at the office or in meetings during the day it’s hard to find time to rush out to grab lunch from some of our favorite spots! Well that recently changed the last few months with the addition of Door Dash coming to Greensburg.

DoorDash is an app where patrons can browse offerings online, choose their meals, track their order and get it delivered by local drivers. DoorDash calls their drivers “dashers.” Customers cannot order from multiple restaurants on the same order, but they can have separate orders at once. And there is no minimum amount per order.

DoorDash, based in Northern California and founded in 2013, operates in more than 600 cities. Fees vary by restaurant and location but typically range from 99 cents to $5.

How it works.

Download the app. 

You can download the Door Dash app for iPhone or Android. After that, make sure to add in an address and credit card to the correct areas to be ready to order!

Find your favorite restaurant.

We ordered from one of our favorite spots, Bean and Baguette, but there are plenty of downtown Greensburg restaurants to choose from! Or not downtown Greensburg restaurants, if you so choose.

Add items to your order.

Click the restaurants menu you chose and find your favorite dish and add it to your order! You have the option of adding notes to each item you order incase you need items added or removed from the menu item.


Next review what you want and click order! It will show you the full amount you owe along with delivery, fees and if you’d like to add a tip to your Dasher.

How much does it cost.

So when you go to the menu of the restaurant you’re ordering from you’ll see the price of each item. Now when ordering on DoorDash, customers pay for the price of their food and any local taxes, plus a delivery fee, an optional Dasher tip and a service fee. So yes it is going to cost more than the item usually costs on the menu with the fee and tip, but the convenience is great!

How long will my order take?

When looking through the restaurant options, it will show you a ballpark time on how long it will take to get delivered once an order is placed. Once you place the order the time is more accurate.

Our order took about 30 minutes to be delivered after we ordered. What we really loved was that you’re able to track your order via the app or get text notifications each step of the process. We knew when the restaurant approved the order, when our Dasher accepted the delivery, when the Dasher was there for pick up and when our delivery was here!

Obviously this isn’t something everyone might like but it is convenient and gives Greensburg a few more options. Overall we had a great experience with the app, the process, delivery and the food! We have heard of some orders taking longer due to an influx of customers when it was first brought to our area. Hopefully as more people become Dashers times will drop and it can be something even more beneficial to our area!

Want to give DoorDash a try? Give this link a click for $7 off your first order over $10! https://drd.sh/MytEpX/

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