Thrift Stores Worth A Visit in Greensburg!

How often do we think of going shopping and drive to the mall or a browse online for new clothes or home items? Although it feels great to walk out of a store with new items or receive them on your doorstep, it doesn’t have to always to be expensive! Thrifting is a great way to find secondhand items similar to those new ones for way less. But how do you know which stores you should stop into? We have done the work for you to find the best stores in the area. If you are looking for a fresh summer wardrobe or new pieces to brighten up your home, Greensburg has several thrift stores to assist you! We put together a list of five thrift stores in the area that are worth the visit!

YWCA Thrift Store

The YWCA Thrift Store located on 226 South Maple Avenue is the first store on the list. The YWCA has a large selection of clothing and accessories for all. Specifically, they have professional work attire that can be expensive at full price elsewhere. The store also has brand- named items with an intermixing of pieces that are unique enough to make a simple outfit stand out. They are open Monday through Saturday, 10AM until 4PM.

St. Vincent de Paul

Just a few blocks from the YWCA, St. Vincent de Paul is a thrift store that has plenty to offer. Not only do they have clothing for children and adults, they have records, house decor, and the occasional small furniture items. St. Vincent de Paul has very inexpensive prices making it affordable for anyone to purchase something new. Their location is 126 South Maple Street and they are open Monday through Friday from 10AM- 3PM and on Saturday, 10AM to 1PM.

Pershing Used Furniture Store

The Pershing Used Furniture Store is located on 42 East Pittsburgh Street. This store has a wide selection of furniture as well as bicycle parts and services. If you aren’t interested in buying anything, you can sell your used furniture to their store. There are plenty of hidden gems in this store, it just takes a little digging to find something one-of-a-kind!

Christian Layman

Christian Layman Thrift Store is the next shop on the list. They are a part of the Christian Layman Corps which is a nonprofit community organization. Their store is primarily clothing for all ages, but often the profits from sales go to veterans or others in need. The clothing varies from simple t-shirts to unique pieces to make your outfit stand out this summer! Located on 278 East Pittsburgh Street, the store is open Monday through Saturday from 10AM- 3PM. Further information about their shop and cause can be found here.

Greensburg Used Furniture Outlet (UFO)

The final thrift store on the list is Greensburg Used Furniture Outlet (UFO). Don’t be fooled by the name, the store has plenty of interesting finds for your home as well as older clothing items, records, and more. The store is set up almost as little stores in the large space. Many people rent out spaces from the Outlet to put their vintage items to sell and switch out on occasion. The prices are very reasonable for all, allowing customers to take classic pieces to liven up their home. Greensburg Used Furniture Outlet is located on 320 South Pennsylvania Avenue and they are open Monday through Friday from 10AM- 5PM, and Saturday from 10AM- 4PM.


Last but not least we have Treasures from the Attic. A small shop at 101 E. Pittsburgh Street filled with a mix of furniture, lamps, jewelry, china, glassware and books. You’ll find lots of great pieces and during the Christmas season the store is transformed with a variety of holiday items. They are open Wednesday – Friday 10am-3pm and Saturday 10am-4pm.

Thrifting not only saves you money, but it helps the environment by reducing the production and manufacturing of new clothes! Shopping secondhand also makes it easier to know where your money is going after your purchase. A few of these thrift stores’ proceeds go to great causes to help others in need. All five of the shops offer something a little different than the next. Whether you’re looking for a few new shirts for the warmer weather, trying to save money, or revamping an old piece of furniture for your home, these stores have items for everyone!

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