Stage Right’s 20th anniversary season continues with a brand new production of “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs”

Stage Right will present a brand new staging of it’s first full-length original musical; “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs”. The show is a musical re-telling of the Snow White story as created by the Brothers Grimm in 1812. That original story tells the tale of an orphaned princess whose new step-mother the Queen, turns out to be an evil witch with a Magic Mirror. The Mirror informs the Queen that upon Snow White’s 18th birthday she will displace her as the ‘fairest of them all’. The Queen immediately sets out to get rid of Snow White who flees into the forest where she meets the 7 dwarfs. After finding a home with the diminutive miners (Who gather shiny rocks that are ground into fairy dust and sold to folks in Neverland), the Queen, in the guise of a wicked old hag, tricks her into enjoying a poison apple and Snow falls asleep. But then the handsome Prince, originally sent to capture Snow White, sees her sleeping and falls instantly in love. Will true loves kiss save the day? The fate of the Snow rests in the balance.

The show is the creation of composer David Mahokey (Musical Director, Howl at the Moon – Los Angeles), Lyricist Greg Kerestan (Co-Lyricist “Tink”NYMF), and Book Writer Anthony Marino (Book, “Tink” NYMF) and is presented by Stage Right’s Student Company.

Snow White – Jenna Salvatore: “Growing up all I wanted to be at Halloween was Snow White! I loved her hair, I loved how she took care of the dwarfs, I loved everything about her. I’d lie on my bed in my Snow White costume and pretend a handsome Prince was coming to rescue me. I know I grew up watching a lot of stories about modern Princesses, but the story of Snow White is still my favorite.”

Prince Charming – Anthony Marino Jr: “I normally don’t like playing Princes, because they usually aren’t very complicated. They’re good and they rescue Princesses. But this Prince started off being blackmailed by the evil Queen to go find and capture Snow, then he decides, before even meeting her, that he can’t do that no matter the consequences. So when he meets her and falls in love with her and rescues her, he does it even though he knows it’s going to cause trouble. That, I think is interesting.”

“Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs ” will be performed at the Lamp Theatre January 25th and 26th at 7pm and January 27th at 2pm – tickets are $12/$15 – call 724.367.4000

Stage Right will then be opening a brand new partnership with Westmoreland County Community College, with performances February 2nd at 2pm and 7pm and February 3rd at 2pm at the Science Hall Theatre. Directly before the 2pm shows, starting at 1pm, there will be a Character Luncheon with soup, sandwiches, snacks and a dessert. Snow White, the Prince, and the Dwarfs will be available for photos, and to meet the kids during lunch. Show tickets are $12/15 and Cost for the luncheon will be $10

For tickets to the Lamp performances call 724.367.4000 or 724.832.7464

For tickets to the WCCC performances you can call 724.836.8000 or 724.832.7464 to reserve your character lunch tickets call 724.832.7464.

Visit their website at

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