No Harm Done: Best Ethnic Restaurants of Greensburg

Amid the global panic surrounding the new disease known as COVID-19, there has been one major misconception that is hurting local businesses nationwide.

The question being whether or not it is safe to eat ethnic food.

Feb. 2 New York City held a public information session on the new disease. The session was held by the Center for Disaster Medicine at New York Medical College.

Medical experts, elected officials and city and state health departments gathered to answer questions regarding the outbreak.

According to a Forbes article, ‘Coronavirus: Here Are 10 Misconceptions Being Spread’, one audience member asked, “Is it safe to eat Chinese food?”.

Eating ethnic food puts no individual in harm’s way of the virus.

In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) websites on the coronavirus, no ethnic food is listed as a rick for catching the new coronavirus.

Meanwhile, grocery store shelves are emptying out at a rapid pace. People are buying up food supplies, toilet paper and other necessities such as hand sanitizer. While, it’s smart to be cautious this can hurt the local businesses, especially the ethnic restaurants where people could be uninformed about.

According to CNBC, some ethnic restaurants “have lost about 40% of revenue” while others in major cities have lost upwards to 70% due to misconceptions surrounding the ethnic community businesses.

These are perilous times, and this is the perfect chance to support your local ethnic restaurants whether you want to eat-in or get takeout.

Greensburg has some of the best ethnic food options to choose from. Check out what the city has to offer below!

If you want to be cautious and not eat out at all to avoid crowded areas but still want to support local businesses, a safe alternative is to purchase a gift card from your favorite restaurant. That way, they are still making money while you get to spend that gift card at a later time.

Just remember to always wash your hands no matter what is going on! Also if you don’t feel good, don’t risk letting others get sick at your expense!

Anatolia Turkish Restaurant

406 East Pittsburgh St.
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 691-0670


Anatloia is Greensburg’s place for fine Turkish cuisine where you can find gyros, kebab and kavurma.


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Come and try our Lamb And chicken shish kebabs!

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China King

1075 S Main St
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 838-8619

China King can be found right off of Rt. 119 in downtown Greensburg. Also, another Chinese restaurant of Greensburg. They offer delicious options and are well-known lo-mein bowls and vegetable spring rolls.


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Marinated Tako 🐙 Arn ordered it out tonight! Very delicious, I must say #Chinese #dinner 📸: @danielledmw

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Edo Hibachi

5274 US-30 #21
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 838-8816


Edo Hibachi which can be found behind Westmoreland Mall is another Japanese steakhouse of Greensburg. They also serve hibachi and feature an open sushi bar.


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hello old friend 💚🍣

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Fortune Cookie

402 East Pittsburgh St.
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 832-5887


Fortune Cookie located on East Pittsburgh St. is one of the many delicious Chinese restaurants

In Greensburg. Featuring menu options from shrimp lo mein to General Tso’s.


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71/366. Friday night feasting on some delicious egg foo young!

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Peking Garden

5126 US-30
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 838-1498


Peking Garden is located in the East Gate shopping Center behind Westmoreland Mall. Another well-known Chinese restaurant of Greensburg. They off a variety of Chinese dinner and lunch options with sushi as well.


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Finally!! It’s been too long!! #sushi #datenight #feast

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Rassame’s Thai Cuisine

430 Grove St.
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 420-5435


Rassame Cuisine is Greensburg’s own Thai cuisine. They feature a variety of options from curry, crab meat fried rice and spicy duck.


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First Thai Restaurant in Greensburg!!! I had to get something spicy!! #meltingmyface #spicy #ubonnoodles #abouttime #foodisgood

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Robokyo Japanese

117 Toll House Rd
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 834-7423


Robokyo located off of Rt. 30 is one of Greensburg’s two Japanese steakhouses. They feature hibachi as well as an array of Japanese appetizers and sushi.


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#Fuel #food #sushi

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Szechuan Garden

660 East Pittsburgh St.
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 834-5844


Szechuan Garden is also located on East Pittsburgh St. With lunch and Dinner options they are a part of the best Chinese restaurants in Greensburg with delicious chicken, beef, seafood and appetizers.


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Pretty sure you can’t go wrong with some General Tso’s chicken. @katemarodi

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