Mz. Jones’ Curiosities is Making Greensburg More “Odd”

Mz. Jones’ Curiosities was born and began in Britney and Neil Jones’s one story apartment five years ago. Fast forward to today, and the owners are appearing at numerous shows and opening their own store right here in Greensburg. 

Their storefront will be located at 123 W 3rd St. (across from the Social Security Administration) and will be home to Mz. Jones’s oddities, jewelry, antiques, and more. 

Britney’s professional background is in office banking, but she has been collecting oddities for over 17 years and has always wanted to work in death care. She decided to turn her attention towards opening her own small business after becoming pregnant. Britney’s desire to make art and her passion for oddities, together with Neil’s experience in embalming from his four years as a funeral director created a very unique opportunity for a business. 

The first showing was at Steel City Con in Monroeville, where Britney and Neil nearly sold out within the convention’s first day. They remember staying up late into the night making new things so that they would have products to put on their table the next day. Mz. Jones’ Curiosities’ products include mummified rats, octopus globes, and diaphonized goldfish; and they also do custom work on everything from personal specimens and pets to engagement rings and baby shower gifts. 

Britney and Neil acknowledge that death makes people uncomfortable, and that coupled with people’s compassion for animals leaves room for lots of assumptions regarding their business. Every animal that comes to Mz. Jones Curiosities is ethically and responsibly sourced, and is DOA (dead on arrival). They work closely with reptile rescues and pet stores in the tri-state area, which bring in animals after they have passed. Britney and Neil hope to encourage the uncomfortable conversations about death and want to give customers an experience they’ve never imagined with their products. 

COVID-19 has put a wrench in many of the shows Mz. Jones’ Curiosities was supposed to appear in, but because of the recent reopening, you’re still able to catch them at multiple locations before their own store opens in 2021!

Their next event, Mz Jones’ Curiosities and Friends Pop Up Shop is scheduled for Sept 19 in the parking area of their location on W 3rd St from 1-7pm. To see a list of their upcoming events, click here

Until they’re able to open their own store, you can also check out Mz. Jones Curiosities on Facebook, Instagram, and on their website. Support this business and its incredible message: “We hope to continue to help those grieving memorialize their pets or loved ones ashes. We hope we can bring death positivity and understanding to everyone we meet. We want to keep educating the next generation with our work. We want to continue to provide educators specimens for their classrooms. Personally, we want to build this business into something we can pass on to our children when they’re ready.”

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