Laurel Highlands Meadery opens production facility and 2nd tasting room in Greensburg

The newest location for the Laurel Highlands Meadery is now open in South Greensburg at 1400 Broad Street and will house a larger production facility and tasting room.

Their second location, which is next door to DeGennaro’s Restaurant, brings owner Matt Falenski back to where they started.

“It’s kind of interesting we ended up in South Greensburg again, this is where we started out 10 years ago,” said owner Matt Falenski. “We looked for a building for almost a year and came across this one that worked really well for us for our production. We needed to increase our production area as we were working in about 900 sq. ft. so this has really helped us to increase our volumes and our overall production.”

If you are not familiar with mead, it is a fermented beverage traditionally made from honey, water and yeast which can then have a sweetness level from super dry to super sweet. Mead has been made for thousands of years and is the oldest alcoholic beverage.

Laurel Highlands Meadery takes these three simple ingredients and creates a drink that is something truly unique. The meadery is also Pennsylvania proud and makes it a goal to use as much supplies and ingredients from the local area as possible. All the honey that is used in the production of their mead is sourced from local farmers.

They have over twenty different options to choose from so everyone can find something they love. The Laurel Highlands Meadery tasting room will have still mead, sparkling mead and a few local beers. The still meads range from a traditional mead which is just pure honey mead to a more creative mead such as hopped chocolate cherry mead which has hints of cocoa, cherries and hops on top of the honey. Sparkling meads are lightly carbonated and feature some splashes of fruit such as cherries, apples and raspberries. Along with the many choices of mead, they serve a few local beers which can be ordered by the glass only. The flavors and types of mead at the tasting rooms depend on the season and what they have available.

“We’re really looking forward to being a part of the craft alcohol scene in Greensburg,” Falenski said.

Head down to the Greensburg location of the Laurel Highlands Meadery for a wonderful afternoon and some great drinks. As of now, the hours are the same as the Irwin location which would be Thursday and Friday from 5-8 and then Saturday from 12-7. You can still find them at their first location on 4th street in downtown Irwin.

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  • Ted Cunningham

    Congratulations Matt,hard work pays off,glad to see the business expanding

  • Jay Bell

    Exciting news! Congratulations

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