Individuals with Special Needs (ISN) Alerting System released in Greensburg

The City of Greensburg, in conjunction with the Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department, Greensburg Police Department and Mutual Aid Ambulance Service, are proud to announce the release of a new alerting system for individuals with special needs.

“I am very happy with this program,” said Mayor Bell. “The City of Greensburg together with the Greensburg Police Department, Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department and Mutual Aid Ambulance Service will be launching the ISN program to assist in identifying persons with special needs in the event they require emergency services.”

The Individuals with Special Needs (ISN) Alerting System provides families with a uniform method of alerting first responders about individuals who have special needs. This system provides first responders with advance knowledge, allowing for quick and educated responses during any emergency situation. The packet is provided free of charge to any city resident with a physical, mental health or intellectual disability that may require additional assistance due to special needs during a fire, police, or medical emergency. This can include individuals with autism, those who are deaf and/or blind, those who have intellectual disabilities, as well as persons with mental health or physical challenges. Each Packet contains three Individuals with Special Needs alert forms, an ISN Frequently Asked Questions sheet, a list of Instructions on what to do with the completed ISN forms, a ‘preparing makes sense’ for people with disabilities and special needs information sheet, two emergency information magnets, and brochures from various organizations around the city who assist individuals with special needs. 

So how does the system work? Fill out the Individuals with Special Needs alert form, sign it, and then take a copy to the Greensburg Police Department Administration Office between 8 AM and 4 PM (416 South Main Street, Greensburg, PA 15601). They will review it and send a copy to the Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department and Mutual Aid Ambulance Service. The information will be put into their systems for future use. Every effort will be made to respect privacy and confidentiality, while at the same time providing for the needs of the people involved. The second form should be placed near the front door of the residence of the Special Needs person, and the third should be placed in the vehicle that the Special Needs person is most often transported.

Upon completing and returning the form to the Greensburg Police Department Administration Office you will receive three (3) Individual Special Needs identification stickers. Place the large ISN sticker on or near your front door so as to be visible from the street. These stickers are not for apartment complexes or residential special needs facilities. Place one small ISN sticker on the lower left corner of your vehicles rear window so that it is visible to a person approaching your vehicle from the rear. This form is good for one (1) year. It is recommended that these forms be updated annually to ensure that the information is current and accurate. If you move or need to make changes in the information just fill out another form and submit it.

Forms can be picked up at the City of Greensburg Police Department.

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