History of Thomas Lynch Field Complex

In the mid-to-late 1800’s the land was owned by the Westmoreland Agricultural Society where the land served as the site of the county fair  where people from all over came to the Greensburg area to purchase clothing, farm fresh produce, and various other items. In 1900 the fair ground moved to the Youngwood area. The land was also used to by the Pennsylvania State Police to train and quarter horse in the early 1900’s.

Later, in 1902 the land became the site of the Greensburg Race Track or also known as “Driving Park”. The Greensburg Driving Club sponsored the majority of harness horse races. The Grandstand was filled with spectators from all over and a starter stand for race officials. A professional racer that was known to race at the track was Greensburg Native Harry Weldon and Fred Jamison who was also known by the name “King of the Half-Mile Tracks”. Majority of race profits were given to Westmoreland Hospital and the Westmoreland County Children’s Aid Society. However, the race track was short lived and was closed in 1909 but was later converted into a polo field.

The Greensburg Polo Club hosted exciting polo matches every week which brought in a wide variety of spectators. Some of the popular Greensburg native polo players included George R. McNary, Burrell and Julian Huff, Arthur C. Martin, George Laughlin, and Col. Henry Coulter. However, due to the first World War, polo matches came to an end in 1917.

Lynch Field also is a natural floodplain for Jacks Run and its tributaries. Lynch field does not flood every rain fall but during heavy rain fall when the stream water overflow. Eventually the water recedes back into the stream or gets absorbed by the land or evaporates into the air. So when you see the field flood essentially becoming ‘Lynch Lake’ and even the ducks that come along with it, that is supposed to happen. This prevents other areas of town from flooding when Jacks Run and its tributaries get too high.

In 1968 the Kirk S. Nevin Arena was opened to the public at Lynch Field Complex. Today the arena offers seasonal ice-skating hours from mid-august through March along with recreational hockey events and games. Later in 1978 the Aerobic Center was opened at the Lynch Field location. The center is a family fitness facility focused on providing the community with a gym that offers a comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere in which people can exercise.

In 1951 a Greensburg Philanthropist Thomas Lynch purchased the land and gave it over to the Greensburg School Board which later were handed over to the Recreational Board. The first facility that was built on the new grounds were the baseball diamonds, which was also financed by Mr. Lynch. During the 1950’s many pony and prep leagues games were played. In 1960, the Veteran’s Memorial Swimming Pool was built and ready opened for the first time. However, the pool was closed for renovation in 2018 and reopened for the summer of 2019. The renovated pool added a splash pad, zip-line, and three-chute water slide, zero entry area, a new pavilion, renovated bathrooms plus other handicap accessible features. Due to the financial support from Mr. Lynch provided in making the park the place that we know it to be today, the Recreational Board decided to name the park after Thomas Lynch.

The Thomas Lynch Field has been part of the city of Greensburg since 1958. The Lynch Family had a deep sense of commitment to the community which has been reflected still to this day through the Thomas Lynch Field Complex. Today many people come to the park to play in the fields, picnic in the pavilions, play on the playgrounds, swim in the pool, and hike/bike the trails. For more information about the park visit the Greensburg Recreational website today.

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