It’s Time to Hack the Westmoreland Museum

Get ready to go viral and “Hack the Museum” at The Westmoreland Museum of American Art with a night of selfies, face swaps, hashtags and getting creative with the works in our collection. This Saturday, November 3 starting at 7pm will be a mix of ‘high tech’ and ‘low tech’ activities.
Grab your cell phone to invigorate and activate the art! With Snapchat you’ll be able to swap faces with the portraits as well as using fun filters to bring things alive! Meme Maker and Speech Bubbles are other apps you’ll be using to add fun cations to the art! Don’t forget our favorites, Instagram and Twitter where you can share and tag all of the fun and crazy revamped artworks. Make sure you use the hashtags The Westmoreland provides, they’ll be giving away a free Museum Mutiny tour for the winner and 11 of their friends! What is Museum Mutiny? It’s a fun group led, themed and focused approach to hacking the museum with irreverence and activity.
In addition, they will be having a host of other hands on activities which can become photo ops.  Celebrate Movember and make and bling out moustache props that can be used either on yourself or held up in front of the portraits to give them a hairy lip look. There will also be a special back drop with props so that people can become the characters in their own art work and have a photo taken plus there’ll be costumes available to recreate another artwork. Build your own still life utilizing wild and wacky items or create your own stop motion animation.
Tickets are still available $10 for members, $15 for non members and only $5 for students with their student id! Grab tickets here.

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