Places to Sweat It Out in Greensburg

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Gyms in Greensburg to Sweat it Out

We are obsessed with these places to sweat it out! From group classes to acupuncture and one-on-one trainings and more, these gyms in Greensburg have it all. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fitness go-er, check these out!

Get Fit with the Fam

The Greensburg YMCA is the ideal location for everyone in the family to get active. As the second oldest YMCA in the country, it provides a number of programs and services to fit everyone’s wants and needs. The programs cover a wide range of activities including aquatics, the wellness center, sports, youth sports, gymnastics and child development. There are always activities occurring in the pool, gymnasium and during group exercise. Browse the schedule to discover when the pool and gymnasium is open.

We love what the Y offers and think you and your family would too! There are several types of memberships that provide access to these programs and services. Did you know that there are rental opportunities? You can rent facility space or advertise your business on the marquee (the scrolling message board). It gets even better! All members are offered to rent space for birthday parties as well.

Something for everyone on their fitness journey

The Aerobic Center is another fitness facility perfect for the family. Their gym is excellent for all individuals whether they are already fit or new and/or unconditioned. We think it is amazing that the center takes pride in catering “to first time exercisers, kids, seniors and the mentally/physically challenged.” Visit the center for fitness, group exercise, swimming and indoor cycling. Their programs list offers more than just what’s mentioned above!

They offer two types of specialty programs which include one on one instruction and adaptive aquatics! These are perfect for those who need assistance, constant supervision or with special needs. The list goes on! A lifeguard certification course and a babysitting service are also available. Take a look at their specials and become a member today!

Train like a professional with professionals

Virtus Institute offers one of the most complete training environments in the Greensburg area. There knowledgable staff is full of strength and conditioning specialists, chiropractors, message therapists and rehabilitation experts. They have everything needed for all levels of fitness activity! The facility has three different memberships as well as daily gym, GroupFit Session, Weekly Gym and Student Break Gym passes.

There are a variety of programs at the Virtus Institute. There is no doubt that there is one for every individual regardless of age or interest! Glance at their calendar to see the variety of GroupFit sessions that are held multiple times a day so that everyone has a chance to join. We believe that there are opportunities here for everyone!

Yoga, yoga, yoga!

At Moonglow Yoga their classes focus on you! Men and women of all ages, body types and sizes are invited to join. Their classes are offered as hot classes (between 90 and 95 degrees) which increases flexibility along with adds cardiovascular and mental challenge. View their schedule and pricing. We encourage you to join them soon! Browse their workshops and teacher trainings too!

Red Brick Yoga practices a therapeutic approach to yoga that employs the only Far-Intrared heated studio in Greensburg. We enjoy the list of benefits that result — increased circulation, heightened body detoxification, flexibility and decreased stiffness in the joints. Not exactly thrilled about this idea? There are non-heated classes offered.

Red Brick Yoga offers a number of classes that offer something for everyone to try. There are classes for the family, children, beginners and usuals that can be cool, warm or hot. Check out their schedule and plan a relaxing hour! Looking for more than just a class experience? Be inspired and transformed during their teacher training sessions. We love their workshops and events, so would you!

Satya Yoga hopes that its students find their personal truth with consistent yoga practice. This can be achieved through their group classes, private instruction, community outreach classes, corporate yoga classes and children’s yoga workshops. View all of their opportunities to practice yoga on the class schedule. Satya is introducing teacher training in September and will take place every second weekend of the month for nine months. They often have fun events going on for the community to enjoy. Can’t make it into the studio? They can bring a variety of classes and workshops to you! Wait, it gets even better! You can rent their studio for a special event or occasion such as a bridal shower, anniversary, birthday party and more.

Stay healthy while training like a pro

True Health & Fitness is an one-of-a-kind Greensburg location! This premier acupuncture and multidisciplinary clinic offers a wide range of services including chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, cosmetic acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasound and more! Among these services are fitness classes and personal training opportunities. Need time to relax? They offer six different message techniques too!

Adults are the only ones getting fit and dancing at this studio

FitnessEnvi is the ideal fitness and dance studio just for adults! No experience is required for the various pole dancing, yoga, hip-hop, and tap classes along with much more. There are numerous types of classes and class passes that can be purchased, providing something perfect for everyone! There are classes occurring almost every other day, see what’s happening on the schedule. Want to enjoy a class, but have a large group? FitnessEnvi offers three classes perfect for special events and parties. Nervous about stepping outside of your comfort zone and don’t want to learn in a class setting? The studio offers private, 2 person and three person lessons too.

Get fit with the benefits of PACS academy training

Since 2010, Pennsylvania Combat Sports has been offering the area of Greensburg a World Class training environment. Whether you are looking to learn self-defense, get fit or train competitively, there is something here for you! They offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and Defensive Tactics. Their beginner programs will prepare you for the advanced classes in the future, so no worries if you don’t have any experience! Can’t make it to a class during the day? Classes occur in the evening as well for both adults and children. Call them at 724-420-5199 and get started today!

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