GSHS Mini-THON raises over $50,000 for pediatric cancer

From staying up all night dancing, to community nights at local restaurants, to pancake breakfasts, canning for change and a kitchen take over, Greensburg Salem High School has raised over $150,000 for pediatric cancer in the last 4 years.

This year along, GSHS Mini-THON raised $50,737.33 through various fundraisers, events, sponsorships and donations. The 2019 committee, comprised of 5 students, planned and implemented Mini-THON as a part of their senior projects. Leaders, Malia Anderson, Dajauhn Hertzog, Keara Lint, Allie Zahorchak, and Natalia Zucco, all had delineated duties based upon their potential future career.

Mini-THON holds different events throughout the year to raise money. This year they held a Pancake Breakfast, a Back to School Tailgate, canning in town, a kitchen takeover at Bean and Baguette and last night’s Community Hours. This past summer they even handled all of the lemonade and pop stands at the Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival and receive money from the Festival for it. More than 50 kids volunteered to man those stands during the 4 days.

“It’s an incredible undertaking, but these kids really rose to the challenge  – and I can’t say this enough – what the Greensburg Salem Community has done to get behind this cause has just been insanely incredible all around,” said Jeremy Lenzi, Greensburg Salem High School teacher and Mini THON advisor. “This whole thing has literally been done from the ground up with donations ranging from pennies to $1,000, both from individuals and from local companies.”

Last night’s Community Hours fundraiser, where members of the Community were able to enjoy dancing, games, face painting and caricatures and a wide variety of games was the culmination of the committee and volunteer’s hard work. Throughout the night 150 student dancers stayed on their feet for more than 12 hours while other activities kept everyone energized. Fun competitions like Human Bowling and Human Hungry Hungry Hippos between students kept them moving and motivated all night long. 5 young ladies donated more than 10 inches of their hair to help those who lose it during the Chemo process during the event. A highlight of the evening was guest speaker, Lisa Mankins, a teacher at the Greensburg Salem Middle School, who gave an inspiring speech about her battle with Breast Cancer and how she is now Cancer Free.

“We can honestly say that we are at a loss for words after raising $50,737.3! It has been a long road, with a ton of ups and downs, but none of this would be possible without the help of everyone,” said Malia Anderson, GSHS Mini-THON’s Social Media Chairperson “This project has become so much more than just a number. We do this so families do not have to hurt anymore and so children don’t have to be in pain. We truly want to make a difference and we will always be For The Kids.”

GSHS Mini-THON is partnered with Four Diamonds in the fight against Pediatric Cancer. Dollars raised by Greensburg Salem High School Mini-THON® 2019 ensure that every Four Diamonds child, regardless of income, receives the highest quality of cancer care without ever seeing a bill for that care. 100% of the money earned goes to kids with cancer, their families and research to help find a cure.

  • Sue Trout

    So proud of the GS students, GS teachers and Greensburg community for supporting this cause. These students worked countless hours and learned many life lessons in their efforts.

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