Greensburg Vintage Market coming to St. Clair Park this spring

Whats old is new again! A new event, the Greensburg Vintage Market will be coming to St. Clair Park this Spring as a part of Downtown Greensburg Project‘s event schedule for 2024.

This market held on select Sundays from May to September will host 50 vendors selling vintage wares, antiques, collectables, upcycled items, books/records, vintage decor and more. Local makers who attendees usually see at the Greensburg Night Market along with floral and plant vendors, food trucks, live music or a DJ will round out the event.

“A vintage market has been in the works for at least a year,” said Jessica Hickey, owner of the Downtown Greensburg Project. “We hosted a test market last October and despite the bad weather we had a good turnout and a positive response from the vendors.”

The Greensburg Vintage Market will bring together local vintage sellers to foster a sense of community and help support small businesses.

Vintage markets and thrifting has become a popular thing over the last few years. With the increase in fast fashion retailers like Shein and Amazon the appeal of vintage and resale items is a driving factor for some attendees in younger demographics. Fast fashion, with its throwaway mentality, churns out tons of waste and pollution so by opting for vintage and second-hand threads, they’re giving the planet a breather.

“The younger generation is totally vibing with vintage and second hand-clothing, and it’s not just a passing trend,” said Zachary Butler, owner of Stone Age Collections a vintage shop that recently opened in downtown Greensburg. “These vintage pieces often have better quality fabrics and craftsmanship, meaning they last longer and have less of an impact on the environment.”

While vintage and second-hand clothing will be a staple at the new event, items like antique and vintage furniture, accessories, home decor, cocktail glasses and collectables from various decades will be showcased.

Set dates for the Greensburg Vintage Markets are from 11am-3pm on May 19 at St. Clair Park, June 9 at The Westmoreland Museum of American Art, July 14, August 18 and September 8 all at St. Clair Park. A holiday themed Greensburg Vintage Market will be hosted indoor at Live! Casino on November 3.

“We’re really looking to bring a fun event downtown on a Sunday that is different than what else is going on,” said Hickey. “We have some beautiful spaces in Greensburg and we’re just trying to utilize them in different ways to bring people downtown and enjoy what our city has to offer.”

Interested vintage vendors can find the application on the Greensburg Night Market website here. Applications are also still available for makers to apply for the Greensburg Night Market. All applications close on February 29.

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