Greensburg makes proclamation to expand outdoor dining and drinking

The City of Greensburg is temporarily suspending open-container restrictions upon sidewalks and parking areas for restaurants and bars to expand their seating for service during the current limitations placed upon them by the state.

On June 5, 2020, Governor Wolf officially moved Westmoreland County to be in the “green phase” of pandemic recovery, which continued to restrict bars and restaurants to 50% occupancy only; and on May 21, 2020, Governor Wolf signed into law SB 327, which allows bars and restaurants to sell takeout mixed drinks to be consumed by the general public off of the establishment’s licensed premises.

“We were able to add 6 tables outside the front of our building and the building next to us which allows us to serve 20 more people,” said Rachel Flowers, owner of Sun Dawg Cafe. “We’ve also been selling mixed drinks to go which has been a helpful addition during this time.”

Mayor and Council deemed it important to take steps are in their power to support the local business community while protecting the health and welfare of all of the citizens. Many local businesses have had an extreme negative impact due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With restaurants and bars limited to 50% capacity in their locations, expanding to other outdoor spaces for service will allow them to increase capacity without exceeding the current guidelines.

“We’re happy the city lifted the open container ordinance because it gives the restaurants and bars more opportunity to serve more of the community since we are only able to be at 50% capacity right now,” said Sean McLaughlin, owner of Invisible Man Brewing. “This will hopefully bring more foot traffic into the downtown area and encourage more people to visit the local spots.”

The City of Greensburg will keep the suspension active until restaurants and bars in Westmoreland County are permitted to serve food and drink at full capacity, or until this suspension is otherwise lifted. By doing this, the City is hoping to stimulate the local economy and assist businesses during this time. The suspension does not apply to City parks and has no impact on the enforcement of public drunkenness, and state law or regulation, motor vehicle code laws (including but not limited to the restriction against possessing an open container within a motor vehicle), driving under the influence, or other City statutes related to the consumption or excessive consumption of alcohol.

All citizens of the City of Greensburg and beyond are encourage to consume and interact responsibly and utilize this opportunity to support local businesses in their time of need. 

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