Greensburg Craft Beer Week Celebrates 5 years

What’s better than a local beer event or festival? It offers you an opportunity to sample various local brews while also allowing the chance to meet local beer lovers just like yourself! Celebrating 5. years, Greensburg Craft Beer Week is a 10 day event that gives people the opportunity to do just that at multiple events!

From beer tastings to beer pairings and collaborations, try new beers and some old favorites at over 35 events.

Events we’re looking forward to (all of them of course)

Home Brew + Chill, GBGBCW’s Signature Event is Sunday, September 19 at All Saints Brewery. This home brew competition and tasting event is a great way to try beers you never have before, and my never again! 22 home brewers will be present with their beer for you to taste along with live music, food vendors, photobooth, swag tent and giveaways! It’s the perfect Sunday funday! (tickets required for this event) TICKETS

Brewmuda Triangle: Get ready to celebrate Oktoberfest the way it should be: with great beer and awesome food (and a bus tour, of course)! Join Helltown Brewing, Devout Brewing and Yellowbridge Brewing on Saturday, September 25, as the Brewmuda Triangle returns as a part of Greensburg Craft Beer Week! If you’ve missed it in the past, here’s how it works: Helltown has once again teamed up with Yellow Bridge Brewing and Devout Brewing for a three-brewery bus tour! You show up at the brewery of your choice and the bus makes its rounds every 30 minutes to each location. The bus arrives at Helltown at 12p and will make its last round at 7:30p.

Charcuterie and Beer Pairing: On Friday, September 24 enjoy Invisible Man Brewing beers paired with delicious charcuterie from Boards by Tot as a part of Greensburg Craft Beer Week. TICKETS

Brew Talk and Taste: Wednesday, September 22 Don’t miss this event at the Westmoreland Museum moderated by Chef Jackie Page of Love Rocks Café and featuring Day Bracey, Founder of Pittsburgh’s Barrel and Flow Festival, as well as several other panelists from Westmoreland County’s craft brewing scene. Barrel and Flow celebrates Black-led breweries and beers created in collaboration with Black artists and cultural figures. TICKETS


Check out all of the events happening during Greensburg Craft Beer Week and here’s 6 tips to help you enjoy several brews and the fun!

Have a game plan

Think about which breweries are at the top of your list, figure out where they will be serving, and decide which brews you would like to try. Don’t forget to mark down which are your favorites so you can go back and get more later! You will be trying so many different beers so doing this simple step will help you avoid forgetting which brews you never want to forget about. Also, check out the information on the Greensburg Craft Beer Week website to decide which events you would like to attend that way you do not miss out on the fun! 

Pace yourself

Drinking is not a race nor a marathon- slow down! Don’t let your drinking get away from you. The goal is to try as many beers as possible, not to see who can drink the most. Enjoy your experience and be enlightened be the different brews and crafts that you get to enjoy! 

Reverse Pre-Game

There will be plenty of beer for you to indulge in once you get to the festival- no need to hardcore pre-game. Instead, eat a normal meal about an hour before the festival. This gives you some time to digest your meal before drinking some local brews. Drinking on an empty stomach never leads to a good outcome and can often leave people feeling uncomfortable, sick, and the obvious, drunk. 

Drink water- lots of it.

This obvious, but often neglected tip is one of the most important steps you can take to surviving a beer festival like a pro. Drinking water before, during, and after the festival is an essential step that everyone should take to avoid an unwanted hangover. Staying hydrated is one of the most important aspects when consuming alcohol and allows you the chance to enjoy more beer! Follow the 1:1 rule- for every ounce of beer you consumer, drink the same amount of water. 

Get involved, speak up, make friends!

Don’t hide in the corner! Get out of your comfort zone and talk to local brewers and people about your love for beer! Everyone is attending these events for the same reasons- they share a love for beer (and fun)! Don’t be afraid to attend as many events as possible. Make friends and meet up with them at the next event, or converse with local breweries about their opinions on things such as what’s on tap, the brewing process, or any questions you may have about your favorite beers! 

Drink responsibly

Last, but certainly not least, drink responsibly! No one likes to be “that guy” when it comes to over drinking. To say it lightly, don’t make a fool of yourself. Make sure to be safe while drinking by following the steps listed above. Have a game plan on how to get home and DO NOT drink and drive. Uber, call a friend, carpool- these are all steps that can be taken to ensure responsible drinking. Know your limits and do not drink too much too quickly.

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