Holiday Gift Guide 1028 – Stocking Stuffers


Welcome to our 2018 gift guides! All week we’re going to be sharing some of our favorite things we found in Downtown Greensburg shops and boutiques that are absolutely gift worthy!

Below are some of our favorite finds for stocking stuffers!

Goodr Sunglasses – Flat Tire Co. Bike Shop

With creative names, like Gardening with a Kraken and Flamingos on a Booze Cruise, Goodr Sunglasses, originally created for runners, are colorful sunglasses that are affordable, fun, fashionable and functional! We have a few pairs stashed in bags and our car for every occasion. Flat Tire Co. in downtown Greensburg has been carrying these for a short minute and they have a bunch of different colors and lenses to pick from. You’ll be able to find the perfect pair to stuff in a stocking for just $25!

Delallo Spreads

Though not in Greensburg, they’re close enough and who doesn’t love a good Delallo’s run! If you follow us on Instagram (if you’re not, you should do that now,) you’ll see us pop into this Italian market often to grab cheeses, meats, veggies and bread. One of our favorite things to get is their fig spread, which is delicious on top of brie cheese or whipped ricotta along with some toasted pecans. Another favorite is their pesto which we pair with some of their pasta or their sour cherry spread that adds the perfect amount of tartness to a cheese board!

Prantl’s Junior Pastry Burnt Almond Tortes

When we look in our stocking we always hope for some yummy treats tucked in there! What is better than a delicious Burnt Almond Torte! Well a smaller version at least! These yummy bites are a miniature version of Prantl’s Bakery Famous Burnt Almond Torte. They have plenty of flavors of their junior pastries so you can get a variety, including cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter, lemon, strawberry and more! Order online for holiday pickup by December 19 at 4pm!

DV8 Mason Jar

Who doesn’t love a reusable cup for their coffee! DV8 recently released their mason jar mug with a beautiful leather sleeve! When purchasing, your first fill is free and each fill after that is 10% off on drip coffee!


We’ve realized that our stocking stuffer list is food heavy but we can’t forget a big favorite, chocolate! McFeely’s Gourmet Chocolate has a bunch of delicious treats to choose from, our favorites are the dark chocolate salted caramels, turtles and chocolate covered bacon! You can create you own box of chocolates or grab one that is pre-packed for you!

Nicolina’s All Naturals

As a cancer survivor, Nicolina Kelly created Nicolina’s All Natural products for an safe, natural and effective alternative to typical products. From lip balm, to hand repair, body butter and more, you’ll find the perfect stocking stuffer that is safe and natural! We love the foaming hand soap in woodsy and the hand repair! Grab some of their items at Top Cote or Wellness on the Point.

Room Spray – Shepherd’s Keeper at Kinderhook

We love our house to smell festive and fresh! These room sprays from Ye Country Mercantile found at Shepherd’s Keeper at Kinderhook are a perfect item to throw in a stocking! In scents like Country Christmas and Black Strap Molasses your home is going to smell amazing!

All of the gift ideas on this list can be found right here in Downtown Greensburg! Grab a friend, a coffee and take a stroll through our streets and find the perfect gift!

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