Developer purchases One Eleven building on S. PA Ave

South Pennsylvania Avenue is turning a new leaf with the amount of development occuring. Today, Realty Aspects Group, owned by Mike and Denise Villi, purchased 111-115 S. PA Ave, the former location of restaurant One Eleven.

The 3 story, 11,000 sqft building was built in 1910 and will be going through a major renovation over the next few months.

“The price was right and I thought Greensburg was becoming more thriving,” said Mike Villi, Realty Aspects Group owner. ” There’s an opportunity here and we’re thrilled to put more people to work, utilize local talent and create something new.”

Villi plans to completely redo the building with a first floor consisting of a cocktail bar and small plates, the second floor as a fine dining area and the third floor being an event space for up to 60 people. To get to the upper floors he plans on installing an elevator for easier access. They’re even looking into having valet parking for the customers.

They are planning on having all 3 floors renovated and ready for a September 2019 opening. They do not want to just open the first floor space and still have construction going on while the business is open. Most of the renovation will be happening during off hours or at night to reduce the amount of inconvenience for the other businesses on the street. They don’t anticipate any major issues during the construction process and are looking into local grants to help with the renovation costs.

“I look forward to this project and I think I can help set the pace of redevelopment in Greensburg,” Villi said. “We’re all in this together and there’s room for everyone, one business always enhances the other.”

Villi has been in business for himself all of his life and at least 20 years in Greensburg. He owns Norwin Messenger Service in North Huntingdon along with multiple commercial properties, many of which he has renovated. Though opening a restaurant is a new realm for him, he is hoping to bring in the right people to bring it together.

“You have to be a risk taker, a gambler, a visionary and have faith when you’re taking on something like this,” Villi said.

The restaurant concept is still in the works but they plan on sourcing locally as much as possible and hiring local talent. Since the building was built in 1910, they would love to include some of the history into the redevelopment and retail some of the historical features.

This project is one of 3 currently under development on S. Pa Avenue, joining the facade renovation on the corner of S. PA Ave and W. Pittsburgh St. and the transformation of 136 S. Pa Ave by City Cribs LLC.

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  • George O'Brien

    So great to see more investments into our downtown and specifically on PA Avenue.

  • Victoria

    Any word on what company is doing the renovations?

    • admin

      The actual construction? We aren’t sure. The new owner has renovated a lot of other buildings he’s purchased previously. He didn’t tell us who he was using.

      • Victoria

        Ok, no worries. My company is local and does general construction, and I always like to see who else is in the area working.

    • Michael villi

      I’m grateful to your response and inquiry regarding the construction planned.
      I just love to see local people having a part in these processes. I would encourage anybody looking for work , companies , and individuals with efficiency and talent. I need a small army to knock this project out. And lots of work is to be done.

      Soon as possible it would be best to come see me in person and have a look see. Plenty of demo and restoration . My Cell is 412-558-0571

  • Vanetta Lincoln

    Just another place that all people can’t enjoy. Prices will be way too high and even a valet will take more money. Why can’t someone put a restaurant in that accommodates the middle man? I won’t even go there to try the prices.

    • admin

      Nothing is set in stone yet. But isn’t it great that someone is purchasing a vacant building and investing in downtown?

    • Michael Villi

      Hopefully I can sway your pre-opinion with regard to whether you may be priced out of the loop.

      I assure you that I cannot be just another place to eat.
      We both know what’s for dinner at local eateries.

      If you remind me of this response upon opening, I intend to welcome you and one other as my guest .
      I would ask that you agree to critique our facility, quality of preparation, servers, and bartenders.and cleanliness , it’s really what’s important to me.

      You see I appreciate your effort to comment! I truly believe that it’s the best denominator available .

      It will be the folks like yourself that decides my fate. I pledge to give you our very best.
      Thanks for your honesty.Hope to see you soon.

      Michael Villi

  • Lar Payne

    Please pass along my contact info to the Villis. I’m happy to assist in restaurant consulting.

  • Informed resident

    Based on the County’s research and recommendations…..the local governments and investors needed to offer more options to attract people to stay and relocate to Greensburg and Westmoreland County in general. All along Route 30 we all can find “middle of the road” pricing and places to eat/entertain, but in downtown Greensburg there is really only a small number of higher end places to eat.

    Each and every time we want a “warranted” higher priced meal we have to go to Pittsburgh which is essentially stimulating Allegheny County’s economy vs. Greensburg. There is plenty of places in downtown Greensburg to eat that are great food at great prices. A place with options like this AND that offers different environments is just what our area needs for locals and for visitors to pick from based on their budget and/or taste for that specific evening.

  • Megan

    Mike and Denise, I am thrilled to hear that you are developing this wonderful new place!

  • Lar

    Congrats Mike & Denise. Welcome to a wonderful neighborhood.

  • Tony Marino

    Welcome to the neighborhood!
    Warmest Regards,

    Your friends at Stage Right!

  • Greensburg Enthusiasts

    There are many restaurants and bars that share the same parking spaces on and around South Pennsylvania Avenue. Rialto, Oliver’s Pourhouse, Hugo’s, La Vita’s, Major Stokes, and that doesn’t even include the new brewery opening soon, the Palace events, and possibly a boutique hotel on the end of the block. I hope there is no valet parking for any new businesses as all of these establishments have understood that no one entity is more important than than the other, and everyone should be able to share parking in the city. I think that if a new business decides to acquire open parking spots, and then charge people to park in those previously free and available spots, it may cause some bad blood within the city. If this location delivers the similar cuisine as the former One Eleven restaurant, they will not need valet parking because people will be willing to walk for miles to enjoy the food!

  • Amy Petro

    Glad to see development in downtown Greensburg. Seems that the powers that be may be easing up on some of the things that were causing cool things from not happening. Small plates and cocktails are all good but we’re still a working town. We need a place where you can get a bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich! And BREAKFAST! There are NO good breakfast places in Greensburg that are open on the weekend. One where you can sit down and be served. Just sayin’

  • Dan McCabe

    Congratulations and best of luck Denise and Mike!!

  • Tom Armour

    What a great article ! We wish you incredible success !

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