City of Greensburg Public Works Update

This is a message to all City of Greensburg residents concerning brush and tree trimming
pickup. Our workforce at the City has been slimmed down including the Department of Public Works
due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We understand that with everyone being asked to stay at home, the nice weather is providing
that chance to get some spring yard work done. We are asking you to follow some simple instruction
to ensure the safety of our staff in the next few weeks. We will continue to pick up tree limbs and
yard debris. Leaves can be picked up loose and in small piles. We do not have the leaf vacuums on
the trucks this time of year.

We are asking that no type of cardboard or bags be used including bio- degradable bags due to
the virus being able to stay on such materials and be transmitted to others in this way we ask please
just keep everything separate. Do not place brush intermixed with leaves and debris. We can’t run
debris like rocks, dirt, etc. through the chipper because it damages the machine and blades. We are
also asking that no grass be piled on the streets at any time. After the threat of the COVID-19 has
passed, all grass needs to be bagged in bio degradable bags and never piled on the street.

Please call our office at 724 -838-4344 and leave a detailed message so we can get a listing
together every morning to make sure we pick up your material in a timely fashion. The stops that are
called in and/or emailed take top priority. This makes collecting more efficient for our crew instead
of them having to have to search each neighborhood for brush and trimmings.

Lastly, please do not hire contractors to cut whole trees down and place it out for pickup. We
are not a tree service; we provide a service to you the residents for tree trimmings, lawn debris, and
brush. We don’t have the equipment or manpower at any time to provide the service of large trees
and trunks.

Thank you for understanding and know we are always here to help. We will continue business as
usual hopefully sometime in the near future once it is safe for our employees and residents. If there
are any questions, please email and I will answer them as quickly as
possible. If your calls don’t go through, email your address to get added to the pickup listing.

Thank you and stay safe,
Thomas Bell
City of Greensburg Public Works

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  • Jeffrey Ziegenfus

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for all your hard work! I’m proud of our city!

  • Barry Gaetano

    Thanks guys you do a great job

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