Cheap alternative date ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it can be stressful or expensive to get the cliche dinner reservations for date night. Valentine’s Day is not about who can spend the most on the other person. Instead, V-Day is all about showing respect and love for the other person or friend. Greensburg is filled with cheap date ideas that could turn into a new tradition!


Thrift Store Date

The concept of this idea is all about having fun and of course, thrift shops! The date consists of you and your date or friend. Each of you should bring around $10 and simply go to one of the local thrift shops of your choosing in Greensburg.

Each person takes a turn picking out an outfit for the other person. The outfit can either be serious or silly. After the outfits are picked, wear the outfits out for the day and have fun! Thrifts shops in Greensburg include, Christian Layman Corps, St. Vincent de Paul Society, and YWCA Thrift Shop.



Disposable Camera/Tourist Date

Greensburg has a lot of restaurants. With Valentine’s Day coming up very soon, reservations are expensive and get booked awfully fast. A fun one to spend Valentine’s Day is to put away all technology and buy a disposable camera. The concept of this date is all about living in the moment and acting like a tourist.


The date will consists of you and whomever to go around the city of Greensburg and takes pictures using a disposable camera which are costs around $8-$10. You may dress up as tourists and pretend like you have never been to Greensburg before. Take the camera around town and take pictures of art such as the colorful alley next to the Palace Theatre or simply take pictures with who you are with. This is a great way to start a scrapbook and have a day centered on just the two of you as well as discovering new locations in your hometown!

Visit a Museum

Museums are a great way to the spend the day together on Valentine’s Day. This is a way to have great conversation with your date and discussing and looking at art is a perfect way to get to know a side of one another you might not have noticed before. The Westmoreland Museum of art is open Wednesday-Sunday from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. If the museum isn’t open for the exact day you plan to go, just reschedule because you might just find a new destination in town!


Coffee Shop Hop

Have you ever heard of bar hopping? Well this Valentine’s Day you can try the coffee shop hop! This is a very inexpensive way to spend the day with someone you care about. Greensburg is filled with coffee shops such as the White Rabbit, Caffe Barista, Dv8, and Sun Dawg Cafe. Instead of buying coffee for yourself at each different cafe, try splitting drinks at each shop to reduce the amount of caffeine and the day will be a lot cheaper too!


Progressive Meal Date

Often times, couples may want the dinner date with cocktails. Instead of staying in one place all night, try multiple places! The progressive meal date is all about trying different foods and drinks. The idea starts with one of the many restaurants/bars in Greensburg. Once you have decided on where to start, simply order an appetizer and drink, then choose your next destination.

For this destination, simply order food and another drink if you choose; note you may have to call ahead beforehand for reservations. After you have finished your meals, find another destination for a final cocktail and dessert. Traveling to different locations will give the evening an exciting feel to it! Restaurants/Bars in Greensburg perfect for this idea include, Sun Dawg Cafe, HeadKeeper, Tapped, The Olde Spitfire Grille, Rialto, Pourhouse, Parkwood, and Badges.


Volunteer Together

Volunteering for the day can be a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day. Not only, can it be fun for a couple but it can also have a huge impact on the community. Greensburg has many organizations that offers volunteers such as the Salvation Army, Animal Friends of Westmoreland, and American Red Cross. Volunteering does not always have to be at an organization. An alternative would be to have a Greensburg clean up day with your partner. The two of you will share a connection helping your community and get to enjoy great conversation and “you” time with one another.


Take a Dance Class

Spending Valentine’s Day together is one thing but why not spice it up and take a dance class together! A dance class offers couples the experience of trying something new and if you already know how to dance, the experience will create more fond memories with one another.

Greensburg’s TDI Gresko Ballroom Dance is offering a $10 per person price for dancing on Valentine’s Day! If you and your partner are not looking to spend money, try taking a dancing class in your own living room by finding a free dancing class on Youtube.



Heads or Tails Picnic Date

The concept of this idea is very fun! Simply get some items together for a picnic, cheese, wine, crackers, sandwiches, and drinks. Next, get a coin and make a two lists, one called heads and one called tails for the two sides of a coin.

Write down five different locations of Greensburg that would be great for picnics for each side of the coin. Locations might include St. Clair Park, Lynch Field Park, and infront of the Westmoreland Museum. The weather may not be very warm so remember to bundle up! If the weather is not working out with your planned day, have a picnic indoor instead! Either way you and your partner get to share a nice date together!


Painting with a Twist

Maybe you and your partner would like to spend Valentine’s Day going to an event! Painting with a Twist of Greensburg is offering two paintings on Valentine’s Day which is $37 per person for reservation. The painting sessions is open to anyone 18 years and older. Maybe, the price is not what you want to pay. Instead, try buying cheap painting supplies for your nearest grocery store and have your own painting with a twist at home! This is a fun way for couples to relax and enjoy each other’s company.


Mystery Jar Date

The concept for this date to all unplanned. All you need is a jar, paper, and list of locations. First write down as many fun locations as you can that you and your date would like to visit in Greensburg. Good starting places would include, 60 Minute Missions, Prantl’s Bakery, Pottery PlayhouseInvisible Man Brewery, or Main Bowling . Take the pieces of paper with each location and throw them in the jar. Next, shake up the jar and take turns picking out a location. Then you and your date can decide on one or the other or both!

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