Big Art Party is the Time for Big Fashion, this Year it’s Going Green

The Westmoreland Museum of American Art’s annual Big Art Party is only a few days away but there is still plenty of time to find or create the perfect Go Green outfit.

Why just wear green to this year’s party when you can fully embrace the Go Green theme by creating your own outfit from everyday materials! Here are some of our favorite ideas we found to create your own outfit or ways to still be green without bringing out your sewing kit that would be perfect for the Big Art Party!

The Duct Tape Dress

Now this has been around for quite sometime but has really evolved from the bright neon or plain black designs to some really beautiful pieces. (did you know there’s even a $10,000 scholarship for high school students to create a duct tape prom dress and tuxedo?)  Maybe you already have an outfit, ditch your usual clutch or tie and create your own with duct tape. You can find a variety of colors, patterns and textures of duct tape at your local Joann’s or Michaels store! Here are some ideas we found, some have instructions on how to create the outfit or accessory!

Unconventional Materials

Now duct tape is a good material to use to but there are plenty of other ones that will create a really interesting show stopping outfit! From paper, to playing cards, to old cds to plastic spoons and garbage bags there are a lot of materials that can be manipulated in a creative way. Nervous to create from scratch? Don’t worry! There’s ways to still use the unconventional materials on top of a current article of clothing to transform it! Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Something Old can be Something New

According to The True Cost, a documentary film exploring the impact of fashion on people and the planet, the world is consuming about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year. That’s more than 400 percent the amount consumed just two decades ago. So why buy something new when you can repurpose and old piece into something! Grab that dress or outfit you’ve had sitting in the back of your closet and spruce it up a bit by pairing it with something you haven’t thought of before or a fun accessory.

Borrow or Find

Hitting the local Goodwill, Salvation Army, a cool vintage shop or event your best friend’s closet can be a treasure trove of fashion items and ideas that can help you put together the perfect outfit. Maybe you just need that one piece to make your entire outfit pop! You could easily find it without spending a ton of money or buying a new piece.

Go Completely Green

No we don’t mean painting yourself green (though that would be pretty on theme!) What we mean is finding an eco friendly and sustainable brand to purchase your outfit from. A lot of small and big brands are repurposing materials and creating new materials from plastic and items that are polluting the ocean.

Purchase a New Outfit, BUT Donate Old Items

Maybe you already purchased a new outfit or have the perfect outfit in mind. That’s okay! You can still be green and on theme by donating some items in your closet to local organizations. Those pants that don’t fit right or that shirt that isn’t your style anymore might be a perfect fit for somebody else. Rather than throwing those pieces in the trash, extend their life by donating them. Make sure to check with the organization to make sure they are accepting the items you are looking to donate.

Now that you have the perfect outfit or idea for one, make sure to enter to with the best ‘repurposed or recycled’ outfit contest at the party! Still need a ticket? Don’t worry! There are still some available and it is one of the biggest parties of the year in Greensburg! Grab your ticket now.

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