Bars and restaurants now able to sell cocktails to go

You might not be able to sit with your friends at a bar just yet, but you will be able to get a cocktail made by your favorite bartender! Governor Tom Wolf has signed a bill that will allow officially allow licensed restaurants and bars to serve alcoholic cocktails to go in Pennsylvania.

The HB327 bill, which was unanimously approved by the Pennsylvania Senate last week, is a temporary measure that will be in effect until bars and restaurants are able to reach 60% of seating capacity.

According to the law, all mixed cocktails from restaurants and bars ranging from four fluid ounces to 64 fluid ounces in a single transaction, must be served in sealed containers, with a cap on, and all straw holes must be sealed in some way (like with a sticker). Alcoholic cocktails still may not be delivered. Eligible businesses can continue to sell alcoholic refreshments for off-site consumption throughout the pandemic, as long as they’re operating at less than 60 percent capacity and will be able to sell until 11pm.

“It’s about time,” said Anna Noviello, owner of Sunset Cafe. “Our food sales are great but without being able to sell alcohol we’re down 50%. The customers want it and we’ve had so many ask us but we haven’t been able to do it. We’re happy to provide it to to them and it’s not only good for the establishment its good for the people who want to be closest to normal as possible.”

Greensburg businesses are already announcing plans to sell cocktails to go, some have released menus with specialty pre-mixed drinks that you can order and pickup.

Locations doing Cocktails To Go

Dagwood’s Subs n’ Suds

Dagwood’s has been selling tasty malt beverage based slushies for a few weeks now. They have 4 flavors per day to pick from!

Hugo’s Taproom

Hugo’s will be releasing a cocktail to go menu soon along with slushie flavors they will have daily!


Jaffre’s is offering buckets of cocktails to go in a variety of different options. Buckets are about 25oz or you can just get a single cocktail! Menu

The Lamplighter

The Lamplighter is mixing a special cocktail daily to go! You can snag a couple when you swing through their curbside pickup!

Morelands at Waterworks

Along with their tasty eats, Morelands at Waterworks has boozy slushies as well as Strawberry Long Islands, Bahama Mamas, and Watermelon Moscow Mules to go!

Parkwood Inn

Parkwood Inn is serving up their tasty 20oz Parkwood Punch to go for $10! Grab one of those and one of their weekend dinner specials!

The Pier

The Pier has a variety of to go cocktails to choose from and they also have some tables in their parking lot if you want to sit down with the food you have to go!

Sun Dawg Cafe

Sun Dawg hasn’t released a cocktail menu yet but has their tasty Lime in the Coconut drink as well as a few others available to go! Plus, 6 packs and growlers. Menu.

Sunset Cafe

Sunset has a tasty variety of cocktails that they are offering to go along with their popular food selections! Menu

Tapped Brick Oven and Pourhouse

Tapped is serving up 16oz beers to go! The perfect way to have your own at home beer sampling! Menu

The 520 Bar & Grill

The 520 Bar & Grill is also offering a selection of cocktails, from Long Island Iced Teas to Banana Split Martinis! Order your cocktail to go when placing a food order! 

The Road Toad

The Road Toad has introduced a wide variety of cocktails to their menu, all for $9! 

Vallozzi’s Greensburg

Along with their delicious dinner to go options, Vallozzi’s has a few cocktail options by the quart for you to pick up!

This post is updated as more information of locations is released.

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