Annual Greensburg Ladies Night Set For Thursday

The Greensburg Business and Professional Association will hold Ladies Night from 5:00 to 9:00 pm on Nov. 10. This event is open to the public and invites everyone to join in on a night of shopping, deals, and gift baskets. The Lighting Gallery is the main hub of the event—parking, registration, and gift baskets will be held here. 

The Greensburg Business and Professional Association (Shop Greensburg) is committed to uniting the community and local businesses through unique events. Ladies Night opens the opportunity for everyone to come together and get to know what Greensburg has to offer.

Ladies Night officially kicks off at 5:00 pm, however, special deals and offers are available all day prior to the event. Only participating businesses will remain open until 9:00 pm on Nov. 10.

At the beginning of the event—5:00 pm on Nov. 10—attendees are to stop by the Lighting Gallery, 450 S. Main Street, to register for the event. Registration provides each attendee with a “Must Stop” punch card—this card had a list of businesses, each of which will provide a “punch” upon arrival at their location. A completed punch card—one that has been punched by every listed business—can be returned to the Lighting Gallery and enter the Grand Prize Raffles. 

There are two grand prizes available for those who enter the Grand Prize Raffles. The first grand prize is an overnight stay at Oak Lodge. The second grand prize includes two tickets to the Pittsburgh Symphony Holiday Pops concert as well as a gift certificate to Vallozzi’s Restaurant, located in downtown Pittsburgh. 

During the event, two shuttles will be available. These shuttles will run throughout the downtown businesses, providing transportation as needed. At the time of the press release, Seton Hill University students are expected to be providing entertainment services for each shuttle. 

Food trucks will be in attendance. Their location will be in the Pitt & Penn lot on South Pennsylvania Ave. The participating vendors include Barry’s Italian Ice, Circle Pizza, Pit Take BBQ, and a Tipple Wine Truck.



About the Greensburg Business and Professional Association

The Greensburg Business and Professional Association is a non–profit corporation striving to promote Greensburg businesses, their products, and their services. The GBPA works to provide a forum for business networking, increasing engagement in cooperative marketing, giving sponsorship for events that draw visitors to the City of Greensburg, and building goodwill within the community.

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