Activities to do at home other than watching Netflix

The new novel corona virus has shut down concerts, professional and local sports, schools and now some beaches or travel destinations are also beginning to close their operations.

As of recently, it is recommended even those who do not show signs of symptoms to stay home during this pandemic. This leaves people trapped inside day and night.

While, staying at home reduces the risk of spreading the virus, people are at higher risk of boredom and cabin fever.

What’s there to do while stuck indoors? Obviously many people are watching plenty of Netflix (Tiger King anyone?) but, there’s actually quite a bit you can do to keep yourself and friends from going completely insane.

Listen to 724 Podcast The Local

While stuck at home, the internet is an oasis for some people to escape work or enjoy quiet time away from the kids. A great way to spend your time is to support Greensburg’s local podcast, The Local – 724 Podcast. The podcast is hosted by Jordan Hauser, a Westmoreland County native. The podcast focuses on extraordinary individuals in the Greensburg community that range from artists to business owners. (Downtown Greensburg Project is episode 4!)  The Local can be found on Facebook and on YouTube –> The Local [724 podcast].

Live Yoga Classes

Self-quarantining can leave people eating more than usual or spending a lot more time on the couch. A healthy way to change up your routine and stay active is to join in on a live yoga session. One of Greensburg’s yoga places, Red Brick Yoga, has been offering live sessions on Facebook that you can follow along with. Satya Yoga of Greensburg is also offering online sessions. Yoga is not only good for your body and it gives your mind a rest too. Check with your favorite instructors, a lot are doing daily live classes!

Support Local Artists with Westmoreland Cultural Trust

The Palace Theatre may be closed down right now in Greensburg, but the music is not stopping. The Westmoreland Cultural Trust has been posting live videos of artists on Facebook. They are featuring many different local artists of Greensburg. These artists may not be able to perform in front of a live audience, but this is not stopping them from sharing their music in a virtual space.

Shop Virtually, Spend Locally

All small businesses are hurting right now and in some cases the only way to support and shop at them is online. Lots of Greensburg retail businesses have moved to selling online, via social media and with over the phone sales. Here’s a list of how to contact some of your favorites and still support buy purchasing something for delivery or getting a gift card for future purchases. Downtown Greensburg Project is also selling shirts where a portion of the proceeds will benefit small business initiatives and the Little Free Pantries in Greensburg. You can purchase a shirt here.

Start or join an online book club

When being home all-day-everyday people may begin to feel a little stir crazy. The boredom might be setting in for a lot of people but it does not have to. One activity you can do along with other people is to start or join your own online book club. If you are not sure where to start the Greensburg Hempfield Area Library already has a complete list of their top books!

Grab takeout from somewhere new

Lots of restaurants have moved to takeout, curbside pickup and delivery and it’s the perfect time to try the spot you’ve been wanting to go to! Grab something from a couple of places and have a smorgasbord of food to eat! Here are some great ones we have listed in the Greensburg area. Use #GbgTakeout when you post what you got and tag us! We’ll share it on our Instagram.

Netflix party

A fun at home activity to do with your friends or family is to have a Netflix Party! Netflix and Google Chrome have teamed up and you can stream your favorite movies from the Netflix app in a virtual space with friends. This way, your movie get together is safe and healthy! Netflix Party is a Chrome extension for watching Netflix with friends which includes synchronized video playback and also features a group chat.

Virtual Happy Hour

Who says you can’t hangout with friends and enjoy a cocktail or two? Well of course you still can! Virtually, that is! A great way to still enjoy happy hour with friends or colleagues is to host a virtual one through Zoom, Facetime or Skype. This way everyone can relax and talk about how their day is going while still enjoying a drink or two.

Watch a broadway show

Theatre buff? You can watch some of your favorite and some classic Broadway shows online! BroadwayHD has hundreds of shows in their library ranging from plays, musicals, to critically acclaimed shows and even shows to sit down with the family to watch! They have a 7 day free trial and plenty to choose from!

Virtual Date Night

If you and your significant other, don’t live together or your special someone is also at their own home quarantining, spice things up with a virtual date night! Simply Zoom, Facetime or skype each other and while doing so look up a recipe together online that is easy for the both of you to make. The recipe might want to be cut in half unless you are wanting leftovers. The two of you can cook together and have a nice dinner date with a glass of wine while practicing safe social distancing. Instead of making dinner, try baking or something the two of you would enjoy together! Whether its building a puzzle or having a glass of wine with each other virtually, the important thing is that you are there for each other!

Spring Cleaning

Many people are stuck indoors, right now is the perfect time to get a head start on spring cleaning! This is very easy and might get you moving around the house a bit more! Simply set aside a day in advance and go through old clothes and items, dust furniture and rearrange your house as you would like! Making new changes might motivate different interests and spark motivation!

Learn a new hobby

Don’t want to join a book club? Well try learning a new hobby! Anything from knitting to baking to just about anything. Try to learn a new hobby so you don’t have to leave the house! For example, if you have paint supplies by chance try picking up painting. An alternative would be to watch any YouTube video on a new hobby and if you would need anything use Amazon to avoid leaving the house!

Knock some things on the honey do list

While stuck at home might as well knock some things off the list and just get it done. Whether it’s getting your yard ready for spring, fixing that leaky faucet or painting a room, you’ll feel accomplished and that item is crossed off the list, finally!

Learn a new skill

There are plenty of video tutorials and step by step instructions for just about anything online. Want to learn how to change a tire, how to use photoshop or even how to speak another language? Now’s the time!

At home pub crawl / wine tasting

If you are stuck at home with your significant other or family, try your own at home pub crawl or wine tasting. Many local breweries, wineries and distilleries are doing pick up and delivery, grab some from a few of your favorites, or from one you’ve never tried before! Place different craft beers or wine in different areas of the house with the flavors printed out in each room. Take turns going to each sample, try to distinguish the flavors and notes in what you’re drinking and there you have it! Your own at home pub crawl or wine tasting! Bonus: add different snacks to pair with beer or wine in each room.

Have an at home spa day

There’s nothing a little spa time can’t help, global plague included. Enjoy a bath with a glass of wine and a book, learn how to make a mask or products yourself with things you have at home or order something for delivery! You’ll emerge out of bathroom feeling much better. Or at least shinier.

Virtual dinner party

This idea is simple and can be fun! Grab your friends and hit up FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Then, everyone can pick their own dish to make such as different ethnic foods from around the world. By the time you are finished everyone has different meals and can share their recipes with the rest of the group!

Teach dog new tricks

Even though you may be getting tired of staying inside all day, if you have a four legged friend, they couldn’t be happier your home all the time! Take the time to teach your pet a new trick! Anything from rolling over, or to putting bottles in the trash can! Dogs wait all day for us to get home so appreciate the stay at home advisories.

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