6 Ways to support small businesses during and after the Coronavirus

Work from home. Self-quarantine. Canceled sporting events. Social distancing may help lesses the spread of the coronavirus crisis, but it also threatens to devastate small businesses. The drop in foot traffic and a reluctance to go out is wreaking havoc on our local favorites.

There are plenty of small businesses in Greensburg that will feel, or have already felt an immediate impact from COVID-19. Even if you can’t support these businesses right at this moment for whatever reason, it’s important to support them whenever possible and as soon as our country and community stabilizes from the outbreak. The reality is, is that our local businesses are the backbone of our community and we need these small businesses to stay afloat to keep our community strong.

“During these troubling times, I’d like to ask all of my fellow Greensburgers to please support our local businesses,” said Robb Bell, Mayor of Greensburg. “These business owners are our neighbors and our friends and, more than ever, they need our support in the weeks ahead.”

Small business in Greensburg foster out local economy by keeping money close to home. They are also the ones who continually donate, time, money, gift cards and products to local organizations, non-profits and fundraisers. They support our neighborhoods and local organizations. Small businesses in Greensburg are so important.

Shop local instead of big box

Instead of ordering on Amazing or stoping at a big box store, considering seeing if what you’re looking for is sold locally. Right now, a lot of big box stores or online retailers are out of a lot of products or quickly run out before getting restocked over night. Stopping at places like Nature’s Way, Delallo, Shop n’ Save and others may help you find items you’re looking for quicker and without the crowds.

Buy gift cards

Purchasing a gift card to your favorite shop, theater or restaurant is an immediate way to put cash into the business, especially if they rely a lot on foot traffic. If you are in the position to buy a gift card and sit on it for a while, you’ll be helping your local favorite get through a tough time.

Order online or call to order

In Greensburg, there are a few businesses that not only have a brick and mortar but also sell their items online. Consider shopping from your couch and getting items delivered or swing by to pick it up. If a business that you like to frequent doesn’t have an online store, call in and see if you can purchase what you’re looking for over the phone.

Get take out or delivery

Reduce your risk of contact, while still supporting the restaurant community. Many businesses offer takeout or delivery options and those who didn’t previously are now offering it. Choose a couple days a week to order from your favorite restaurant to help them through the next few weeks! Many locations are also offering curb side pick up so you don’t have to get out of the car and enter the restaurant.

It’s a better deal for restaurants if you collect the take out yourself than use delivery, it helps the restaurant and you avoid delivery charges.

Tip a little more than usual

If you do go to a restaurant or bar, or when you order takeout, consider being a little extra generous on the tips for wait staff and delivery people, since their income will drop due to fewer patrons. A bigger tip may not directly contribute to a restaurant’s bottom line, but it does help the restaurant workers who don’t have the option or ability to work from home. If business begins to halt in the coming weeks, losing their average tips may be devastating.

Support community events

Right now, many local events and festivals have been postponed or canceled. When they start up again, share them with your network, friends and family. Events take a lot of time, money and coordination to put together and the event industry is getting hit hard. If you purchased tickets to an event that was cancelled, consider donating the amount of the ticket instead of getting a refund, if you are able to. This can help the venue, event producers and non-profits who are hosting events to cover costs they already incurred.

“We’ve got to make sure that everyone gets through this with as little negative impact as possible,” said Bell. “These businesses have worked hard to invest in Greensburg. We ALL owe it to them to take care of their investment in us…pay it forward! Please join me in doing the right thing for Greensburg.”

We encourage you to consider keeping your dollars local whenever possible, in order to help these small businesses bounce back. Every dollar counts for our local businesses and benefits the community we live in.

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  • Aubrey Worek

    Thank you for this wonderful and ongoing effort to support everyone.

  • George O'Brien

    Thank you Mayor Bell for again strong leadership

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