237 South Pennsylvania has been an important piece of Greensburg History

Did you know that the building located on 237 South Pennsylvania Ave was not always the Greensburg Library?

The building, built in 1912 and was originally the Greensburg Post Office. The post office was first located at 124 South Main Street in 1890. Then later in 1913 Greensburg was chosen to be one the the United States official Post Offices and moved to a building located on 237 South Pennsylvania.

At the time no one knew the impact that the post office had amongst the Greensburg community. On average the post office processed 15,000 letters a day through the post office. In December of 1927 the post office had a recorded breaking number of over 160 letters processed during the Christmas season.

Later in 1969 the building turned into the primary location for the Greensburg Hempfield Area Library which was founded in 1935 and opened their doors in various locations in 1936 throughout the Greensburg Area along with the Maple Avenue location.

Before 1969, the location of the Library changed from location to location. The Law Library was located on the second floor of the court house, there was also Christian Science Reading Room located on 421 South Main Street, then the Greensburg Circulating library located on 230 union trust building. After years of different location handling, the Library finally made a home at 237 South Pennsylvania Avenue.

In 1990 the Greensburg Library added to their library by combining with the community of Hempfield Area School District. In 1997 the library added a second-floor addition that is a designated area for the children library.

Later in 2009, the Youngwood area public Library was added as a branch to the Greensburg Library.



So much history has passed through the doors of 237 South Pennsylvania and you are still able to see some of that history written on the walls. The original “Post Master” sign is still located over a door in the Library. The post office was were people gathered to send letters to loved ones telling them about the adventures and stories. Today people of all ages gather in the library reading books from all genres that tell of ones adventures and stories. The Library offers program for all ages year round. The library also has a growing children’s program and events where young minds are able to read, play, and learn in a safe environment.

Visit the Greensburg Hempfield Area Library today and unlock the door to the past…. You never know what you find.

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