Flat Tire Co.

Flat Tire Co. is a team of experienced mountain bikers, road cyclists, BMX enthusiasts, triathletes and weekend warriors. They love what we do and want to share these amazing sports across Laurel Highlands. The impact they’ve had in our lives has been incredible; better health and an even better community. Come join us!

Whether new to biking or a seasoned pro, we promise we will never be too cool for you. Flat Tire aims to offer the highest quality customer service and repairs of any bike shop in the tri-state area. With competitive prices and firsthand experience, you’ll never buy the wrong bike just because it is on our floor. They adhere to industry standards and will do their best to find you the perfect ride.


Repair Options

Bicycles may be checked in on an a la carte basis or with our Standard Tune Package. Additional services may be added on to our Standard Tune-Up package from our Repair Pricing List below. Our mechanics offer professional service with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Standard Tune-Up: $60.00

Service includes:

  • Brake adjustment
  • Shifter and derailleur adjustment
  • Wheel inspection – wheel truing is an additional fee. 
  • Tire pressure adjustment
  • Lube cable and housing for brakes and derailleur
  • Security and function check/fix for all accessories, i.e. computer, water bottle cages

Bicycle Fitting

Basic Program and Pricing

Their beginner level fit program is designed for the cyclist looking for an injury-free ride in proper biomechanical positioning.

Price: $75 | Time: 75 to 90 minutes

They have been trained by the UPMC Cycling Performace Program.

If you are interested in a more specific fit they will recomend you to make an appointment with Mr. Tinky at the UPMC Cycling Performace Program.

Custom Wheels & Bikes

Because you’re looking for a professionally built custom wheelset or bicycle you’ve come to the right place. Flat Tire Co. was founded on the love of cycling and the obsession of killer wheels and sick bikes! Its a fact that custom wheels make you faster, more confident and a better overall cyclist. They have the means to get you anything from a custom built bicycle frame to a standard tubless wheel set.

They channel thier passion into every wheelset they’ve build. They have a no-nonsense approach to building wheels that will make you and your wallet happy. They fuse your wants, needs and desires into a single package that will leave you stoked every time you ride.

Mobile Servicing

Let them come to you.

Don’t have time to go to Flat Tire Co.? They can send someone to maintain your bike at your home, office, or truly anywhere. The convenience of this service eliminates the need for a return appointment, and gets you back on the trail the fastest way possible.

Call them today or email them at info@flattire.co for more info. 


212 East Pittsburgh Street



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