Tuscano Agency proud to be a Greensburg business for over 50 years

The Tuscano Agency is a Greensburg business who’s not looking for direct consumer sales! That’s because they are an Insurance Wholesaler; their primary customers are independent insurance agents who turn to Tuscano Agency when they need to secure insurance coverage for difficult to place risks.  

The founder, Bill Tuscano, was a long-time resident of Greensburg. This is where he raised his family, got involved in local politics and where he started his business on the front porch of the family home. Bill, who had been working for a small Workers Comp company as a marketing rep, saw the need for a service-oriented, relationship-building wholesale insurance broker in Western PA. He opened for business in 1970 with himself and one part-time employee. 

In 1985, Tuscano Agency moved to its current location at 950 Highland Ave. At that time, they occupied about 20% of the entire building. As they grew, they expanded into more of the space. In 2001, Tuscano did a total renovation of the upper and lower structure and added an addition. In 2015, they expanded once more into the attached brick warehouse that faces the Five-Star Trail. This is probably when Greensburg residents started noticing the large commercial building and the parking lot full of employee vehicles on this mostly residential street. 

Tuscano is a family business. Bill retired in 1992 and his children took over as leaders of the organization. Rob and Jinny Tuscano led the agency through a period of growth and expansion. Originally, Tuscano operated only within the state of Pennsylvania. After an acquisition in 2012, they expanded their operations to 21 states along the East coast and into the Midwest. They also grew to over 100 staff members. Tuscano has been doing remote and hybrid work long before the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, over 25% of their employees are full-time remote. Most recently, the third generation of Tuscano’s have stepped into leadership; Bill’s grandson Robin Tuscano is now President and Ryan Stabile, and Jeremy George are Executive Vice Presidents.

But what does Tuscano actually do? 

Provide Insurance Solutions We insure everything from vacant buildings to long-haul truckers! If the ‘standard’ markets will not insure it, it is our job to find insurance solutions. 

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service The customers’ needs drive our business process.

Build Great Relationships We believe that by building great relationships with our customers we will be their go-to wholesaler and they have confidence that Tuscano will get the job done for them.

Values Based Mission Our company has been successful because we never compromise our values: taking personal responsibility for our actions, teamwork, fiscal responsibility, integrity & honesty, quality in our work and quality in our lives, innovation, and outstanding customer service.

Financial Responsibility Our goal is to build an enduring company, not so we can grow personal wealth, but so we will still be around 100 years from now. We are committed to the financial security of the people we work with, and we take this responsibility seriously. We are also committed to being a good community partner. 

Greensburg is where we live, we work, and we play. We are proud to be a Greensburg Business for over 50 years.

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