MeterFeeder App Information

Don’t worry about carrying change! Download the MeterFeeder app and pay directly from your phone. Once you download the app, set up your account by putting in your license plate, vehicle type and credit or debit card for payment. You can add additional vehicles if you need to, just make sure when you reserve parking you have the correct vehicle active.

Meters on City streets will be two hours and be color coded zones. (see map below the zones) Parking customers can park in one color coded zone for a maximum of two hours. When time is about to expire a push notification is sent to the parking customer’s phone to add more time or move their vehicle. You cannot add more time to your vehicle if you’ve used the max of 2-hours for that specific zone. You will have to move your car to another zone or put change in the meter. The City parking lots will allow you to pay up to 10 hours via the MeterFeed app.

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