Greensburg Night Market to expand down South Pennsylvania Avenue

Photo: Elise Michaux Photography

After 3 years, the Greensburg Night Market is expanding and in a big way. For the 2022 season, it will expand along South Pennsylvania Avenue from West Otterman Street to West 3rd Street, stretching 3 blocks in downtown Greensburg.

“We’ve been wanting to shut down South Pennsylvania Avenue for an event for over 6 years,” said Jessica Hickey, Downtown Greensburg Project Founder. “After the growth of the Greensburg Night Market over the last 3 years, we knew that this was the event that could make it happen.”

The 100 block of South Pennsylvania Avenue hasn’t been shut down for an event in over 22 years. Kick back from a couple local businesses has prevented events to happen with the street shut down. Other local towns like Irwin, Latrobe and Jeannette often shut down blocks to invite and encourage the community to come out, enjoy their downtowns and support the local businesses.

“We talked with the City of Greensburg last year and started putting plans in motion on how to shut the block down,” said Hickey. “We know there’s a lot of businesses on that block that do use the parking but we’re hoping the tradeoff of over 3500 people walking down the street seeing and going into their businesses during the Night Market each month makes up for it. We always say, if every other city and town in the world can do it, why can’t we.”

A number of brick and mortar businesses are open during the Greensburg Night Market and have seen traffic and sales from the attendees of the markets.

“Very excited for another year of the Greensburg Night Market,” said Kevin Miscik, owner of Lapels’ A Men’s Clothier. “I’m so happy it’s being extended down South Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s great for our community and our small businesses.”

The Greensburg Night Market began in 2019 with 28 vendors taking up half of the first block of South Pennsylvania Avenue. In 2021 it grew to 40 vendors taking up the entire block. This year it will span 3 blocks with 80 vendors selling their items.

“Helping the night market was the easiest decision I have had to make since joining Council,” said Greg Mertz, Greensburg City Council Member. “It’s been a growing attraction for a couple of years, now, even through the hits caused by COVID. This expansion will make it a feature that highlights our downtown and helps our local businesses. I am looking forward to this upcoming season.”

New and returning vendors will be set up at the market along with live music on each block as well as more vendors selling ready to eat food and drinks. Fresh fruit and vegetables, cut flowers, plants, honey, local meats and liquors, plus salsas and dips will all be available for shoppers, along with an assortment of artisan vendors.

“We’re all very excited to see the expansion of the Greensburg Night Market,” said Mayor Robb Bell. “We look forward to enjoying the company of more vendors and shoppers in downtown Greensburg. It’s always a great time for friends and family to get together in the streets of Greensburg! ”

The Greensburg Night Market is scheduled for Thursday, April 28, May 19, June 30, July 28, August 25 and September 29 for the 2022 season.

Vendor applications are open until February 25, interested applicants can apply on the Greensburg Night Market website.

The Downtown Greensburg Project produces its events through Partnerships and Event Sponsors. Interested in becoming a Night Market Sponsor click here. If interested in being a DGP Partner which includes sponsorship of all DGP events and other benefits, click here.

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