Collection 273 is a photography series collaboration between the Downtown Greensburg Project and the community of Greensburg taking place January 1 – September 30, 2017. The series will cumulate with an exhibit at The Westmoreland Museum of American Art in October 2017.

273 photos will be featured out of all submissions, those 273 will be exhibited at The Westmoreland Museum of American Art. This is not a contest and not all submissions will be featured. If you are featured, you will get a message with a photo release form you must fill out along with sending your photo to be a part of the exhibit.

Questions regarding Collection 273 or the exhibition please email,


 ‘Show us your Greensburg’

If your social media account is set to private, submissions cannot be seen, let us know and we will follow your account. Please do not direct message us submissions. All submissions are kept track using #collection273 only.

Step One:

Find inspiration in Downtown Greensburg and take photos of the city, your Greensburg experience, events or anything you’d like to submit. BE CREATIVE. The photos must be taken in the City of Greensburg in 2017 and represent the city itself in a positive way.

Step Two

Make sure your submission is not blurry or low quality. All submissions that are featured on our @collection273 account will be printed. Low quality images will not print well and we may have to choose another submission.

Step Three

TELL US A STORY – What inspired you to take it, what is going on in the photo, what did you find that was interesting etc. Please don’t just use #collection273 without a story.

Step Four Submit Your Photo:

Follow and tag @collection273 and @downtowngbgpa and use #collection273 #downtowngbg on Instagram.

Follow and tag the Downtown Greensburg Project and use #collection273 on Facebook.

Follow and tag @downtowngbg and use #collection273 on Twitter.

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